Thank you so much to everyone who has encouraged me to put this album out. With out you i probably would of thrown it in the trash & set it on fire. But i’m glad i did. This whole thing started as demos for a record label, that showed some interest in me but didn’t pan out per usual. I’ve never really been one of the cool kids anyways, so FUCK EM! I Recorded the majority of the record in my room with one mic playing all the instruments, but then i thought screw that lets get some friends in on the fun. The truth is i’ve fought with these songs and the idea of putting it out for a long time. It’s been a painful record and wasn’t sure if i wanted to put myself out there on such a personal note. But for what it’s worth its a labor of love, blood, sweat & tears. It’s not perfect and it has it’s zits on it, but it’s from the bottom of my soul. I’m ready to let go of the past and move on. This life’s not getting any longer.
All we can do is jump off the cliff, live long enough to tell the story & hope the past doesn’t hang us on the way down.

Alright y’all, excited to announce that May 5TH “Somewhere Between You & Me” will be Available on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify & More! You can pre-order the album starting next Wednesday April 22ND and get “Dear Darling” early!!!

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